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Travel Notes for Pipestem Resort State Park Lodge

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

4-Day Women Veterans Retreat: 24 to 27 October 2022

Introduction. KSA Integration has been contracted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct a 4-day Women Veterans retreat from 24 to 27 October in West Virginia’s Pipestem Resort State Park. George Nunez and Tatiana Puschnigg are KSA Integration employees who are coordinating events, and both will attend the retreat to help ensure each Veteran has a memorable experience. Below are travel notes that will help you prepare for your retreat.

Arrival Information. Monday, 24 October is our arrival day. Please plan to check in at 1600. Our accommodations are in the McKeever Lodge, pictured above. For navigation tools, use the following address 3405 Pipestem Dr, Pipestem, WV, 25979. Pipestem’s phone number is 304-466-1800 and their website is

George and Tatiana plan to arrive by 1500 and welcome each of you in the Lodge lobby upon your arrival. We will provide you a folder with the schedule and retreat information you may find helpful (folder contents are listed at the end of this letter). In case you have any issues, feel free to call or text us. George’s cell is (910) 617-8985 and Tatiana’s is (724) 757-2908.

Departure Information. Thursday, 27 October is our departure day. Please plan to check out by 1000 after our breakfast and farewell.

Attire Suggestions. Veterans’ attire is at their discretion and appropriate casual attire is suggested. For arrival and departure days, we suggest comfortable clothes you would normally wear for travel. On the second and third days, our staff will be wearing casual attire (skirts/khakis and collared shirts/polo shirts) during the morning facilitation sessions and weather and activity-appropriate attire during the afternoon recreational activities.

Weather Forecast. The weather is expected to be mild to chilly. Packing a small raincoat and a warming layer is worthwhile in case of rain and lower than expected temperatures.

- 24 Oct: partly cloudy, 20% chance of rain, high of 63 and low of 48

- 25 Oct: cloudy, 90% chance of rain, high of 55 and low of 37

- 26 Oct: mostly sunny, 10% chance of rain, high of 54 and low of 36

- 27 Oct: mostly sunny, 20% chance of rain, high of 45 and low of 28

Lodging, Meals, and Recreational Activities. Lodging, meals, and recreational activities have been arranged for each Veteran. On the departure day, George or Tatiana will finalize payments— Veterans are not responsible for the expenses of arranged lodging, meals, and activities. Each Veteran will be provided a single-occupancy room for three nights; dinner on the arrival day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the second and third day; breakfast on the departure day; and available optional recreational activities per Veterans’ request.

Partial Per Diem, Mileage, and Rental Cars. Veterans are eligible for partial per diem on both travel days, per the DoD per diem rate, which is $40.50 per day. Veterans who drive their personally owned vehicle from their home to the retreat and back are eligible for mileage, per the DoD rate of $0.625 per mile. Veterans that arrange a rental car for the retreat through KSA, will have their rental car expenses paid by KSA and may be reimbursed for gas by KSA. Veteran’s submission of gas receipts and total retreat mileage is required for rental car reimbursement. However, pre-paid rental car agency gas is not reimbursable. To process your reimbursements by an electronic funds transfer, please confirm that George or Tatiana has the following information saved correctly before you depart Pipestem:

- Name, telephone, and email address

- Financial institution name, address, and routing number

- Name on account

- Account number

- Type of account

Recreational Activities. Each Veteran requested optional recreational activities and a roster is included in your folder in case you do not recall your choice. If you would like to change any of your activities, please contact George or Tatiana. Warm and comfortable attire, shoes, hats, and sunglasses will make your outdoor activities more enjoyable. Below is additional information about three of the eight optional activities that you may need to pack clothes and shoes for.

Zip Line

- You are always clipped in, and safety systems are redundant

- Must be able to lift arms above your head and be able to hike downhill 1,500 ft.

- Closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops) are required

Motor Assisted eBiking

- Guided tour tailored to the skills and experience of the riders

- For varying fitness and experience levels

Horse Trail Ride

- Suitable for novice-level riding

- Long pants or jeans and closed-toed shoes required

Internet Access and Cell Phone Service. McKeever Lodge has Wi-Fi and cell service, however, during some of the recreational activities, cell signals may not be as strong.

Veteran Feedback. Sustaining or changing retreat events and support will be based on your valued feedback. Please take a few minutes to write down your thoughts on the feedback form and drop it off with George or Tatiana before your departure.

Packing Suggestions. Please bring your preferred means of taking notes, charging cord(s) for devices you will travel with, prescribed medications, and any food/supplies you may for your service dog or emotional support animal.

Points of Contact. If needed, the Lodge front desk may be reached at 304-466-1800 and their homepage is The retreat staff’s contact information is listed below.


Retreat Schedule

Class Slides

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Interested in Participating in the Event?

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