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Social Development

We Ensure People Survive and Thrive. 

We Believe

that transformative change is achieved through social development of individuals and communities by building bridges to foster growth, reduce poverty and eliminate inequality.

We aim to make a difference to global communities, especially in the developing world, by empowering and improving the well-being of citizens of communities so they can reach their full potential.   

Our focus on improving the quality of life of citizens unlocks possibilities on the individual and communal levels.  For example, our efforts in tackling the challenges of climate change and natural disasters, save lives by helping communities in disaster preparedness through outreach and education of citizens, assisting local governments implement early warning systems, and allowing citizens to stay connected and informed with just-in-time and critical information issued by their governing body.  Our efforts on education help ensure that individuals have the means that they need to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability in their own lives. 


As part of the efforts, we also formed the Smart Development Institute (SDI), an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit firm, to make a difference on the lives of people, especially the underprivilege. Please visit our SDI website and join us in our journey. 


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Smart Development Institute (SDI)

Representative List of our Focus Areas


We are committed to bridging the gaps that hinder growth, equality, wealth and well-being to reduce or eliminate these barriers so that citizens of communities can move forward to a path of self-sufficiency. 

Youth Empowerment

We foster and promote youth empowerment through sports-related initiatives. Our key focus is to keep kids away from society's problems such as drug abuse or crimes. Furthermore, our sports development and events are focused on building character, teamwork, and active community involvement.  Furthermore, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we work with partner agencies to sponsor child education programs. 

Education For Sustainability and Resiliency 

We put emphasis on education to address sustainability and resiliency issues.  Some of the education programs we support include implementing disaster preparedness programs in disaster-prone communities with the aim of increasing community resiliency and reducing disaster casualties; and working with partners to educate people on efficient farming techniques in rural areas to help them stay self-sufficient amid worsening climate change that has led to a growing number of natural disasters.  

Foster Entrepreneurship and Mentorship of Small Businesses For Job Creation

Being successful entrepreneurs ourselves with more than 30 years of experience, we recognize the values small businesses contribute to society, especially in job creation. We provide mentorship programs for young entrepreneurs providing them with a real-world and practical approach to encourage entrepreneurship and promote "creative thinking and out-of-the-box ideas."  Small businesses fuel economic growth and combat unemployment leading to sustainable communities.   

Social Interactions

We serve the needs of a community, especially the needy, in times of isolation caused by many different factors, such as the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, economic slowdown, and poverty. We address isolation challenges for isolated members of communities such as, migrant workers, who leave their communities in search of livelihood all around the world to support their families, by digitally connecting them with their communities and families back home.  

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